The Complete Course in Personal Growth

This course gives a guide of the way to true and enduring satisfaction. You will discover that there is nothing you need to add to your life, yet rather, it includes expelling inconspicuous checks you have looked in twelve changed everyday issues. Also, you will figure out how to conquer every one of these impediments to encounter real bliss. Has your life some of the time felt like a riddle with pieces missing? Is self-esteem a missing piece for you? What about self-control – or confiding in your instinct in settling on significant choices? Or then again confronting your feelings of dread?

पिसफुल वॉरिअर


या कोर्समध्ये खालील गोष्टींचे ट्रेनिंग मिळणार आहे- 
*काय शिकाल*
Visualization टेक्निक्स
  1. Basics of Meditation 
  2. Law of Attraction Visualization
  3. Vision Board
  4. Goal Setting & Identity
  5. 66 Days Life transformational Systems

With this course you will figure out how to

Find Your Worth:

Open yourself to life’s favors 

Recover your Will:

Find the ability to change; change knowing into doing 

Stimulate your Body:

Three handy keys to wellbeing and imperativeness 

Open to Abundance:

Rewire your relationship to cash 

Tame Your Mind:

Make harmony with the idea of idea 

Trust Your Intuition:

Learn how to settle on more astute decisions for you 

Serve Your World:

Find further significance, reason and association

Stir Your Heart:

Connect with others and with your higher self 

Grasp Your Sexuality:

Explore closeness and channel innovative vitality 

Enlighten Your Shadow:

Gain the mental fortitude to meet your bona fide self

Face Your Fears:

Turn dread into power, defeat uneasiness and self-doubt.

Acknowledge Your Emotions:

An elective way to deal with feeling better

कोर्स फी- रु. 999/-फक्त

या कोर्ससोबत तुम्हाला खालील गोष्टी *फ्री* मिळणार-
1)  *पिसफुल वॉरिअर* वर्कबुक- किंमत 6999/- रु
2) गोल सेटिंग वर्कबुक- 1000/-
3) 66 दिवसांचे रिच्युअल्स आणि सपोर्ट सिस्टिम्स- 100,000/-
4) Mutual goal setting वर्कबुक- 1000/-  
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This course also provides the opportunity to inspect your life in relationship to the twelve key facets of spiritual growth – each week presenting another piece of the puzzle – a complete picture of the path to your potential. 

Every exercise carries you closer to your higher self with new disclosures about how you can live with your mind in another place and your feet on the ground. 

In the last session you get the opportunity to think back (as from a peak) and acknowledge how your points of view have extended, your knowledge developed – and how you at last comprehend living with a quiet heart and a warrior’s soul.