Business Coaching

“My goal is simple – empower and inspire leaders to bring out the best in themselves and their businesses, while making a life-changing impact that will get them to their goals faster than they could on their own. I offer a strong combination of proven business management experience and FocalPoint’s well-established and proprietary coaching and training content. Knowing I can help others make a significant impact on their businesses, families, and communities is what motivates and inspires me every day!”

Anand Bansode is an executive-level business management, strategy and brand marketing professional. He is now the owner of 360 entrepreneur LLC, his business coaching and consulting company where he helps business owners to create their business ‘game plans’ with the strategies and actions that will get them to ‘next level’ performance.

Owning your own business can be overwhelming and complicated, or it can be a dream come true. With his professional business coaching services, Coach Anand Bansode can help redefine your business vision and dreams, and develop a plan of action to make them a reality, takes complex business strategies and reduces them down into actionable plans designed to improve your financial return.

  • assist in the determination and pursuit of your company or career vision
  • stimulate you to think differently and creatively
  • encourage and inspire you to do what may seem impossible or improbable
  • challenge you with an objective viewpoint bolstered by decades of experience
  • create a plan of meaningful activity and structure that guides you to the finish line
  • help you capitalize on your positive attributes and modify any negative
  • elevate your successes and help you learn from mistakes
  • maintain your focus on getting results quickly
  • transfer knowledge and expertise so that you can teach and lead others in the future
  • provide unwavering support for you throughout your professional journey


To learn more about what the right Business Coach can do for your business, Anand Bansode for more information.