Heather Chappell

“Anand’s enthusiasm and perseverance is extremely inspiring. I am following my heart to succeed in attaining my hopes for a better future. He showed me that I can do anything I set my mind to.” -Heather Chappell (Spiritual Speaker, Teacher, Dance Artist, California)

Joe Mickey

“Anand Bansode is clearly a young man who represents all that India should aspire to grow into. His personal accomplishments are an inspiration to Indian Youth. His work on behalf of equality for woman is groundbreaking and in following his efforts the positive signs of change from his work for the youth and woman.” Joe …

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“I am very lucky to got chance to know Anand. His enthusiasm and mindset will broaden your vision.” Violet (Musician, Writer, Translator and Climber, Moscow, Russia)

Suresh Narayankar

“He has a universal power to change someone’s life. His thoughts and concepts will make you beyond your imagination. I read one page of his book everyday and it has changed me a lot. I am living in my dreams.” -Suresh Narayankar ( Businessman, Maharashtra)

Mahesh Susladi

  “I spent one day with Anand and it changed my life. His great thoughts motivated me and I started living my dreams. He gave me point to think and work to accomplish my dreams. His books helped me in tough time in my life.” -Mahesh Susladi (Student and Trekker, Maharastra)