Virgin Peak Achievment

Announcement Date: 4 August 2010

Immediately after this Course, he started with the Bengali Team for the expedition of climbing the mountains ‘KR-2’, ‘KR-3’ and ‘T-2.’ Along with seven Bengalis and two Sherpas, Anand started climbing the difficult virgin mountains, which are situated in the interiors of “Patsio” on the Highway of Leh-Manali. Anand has been very descriptive about the event in which he tried to save the life of his companion while crossing the river.

During August 2010 there was an incident of ‘cloud burst’ at Leh-Manali. As there had been continuous rainfall for three-four days, Anand and his team got stuck at the Base-Camp which was at the height of 16000 feet. The Bengali Team Leader decided to retreat, but Anand sincerely wanted to climb the mountain. At last, due to his prayers, the weather surprisingly became clear and Anand along with his Team started climbing to further heights. Due to extreme tiredness, the members of the team lost heart in climbing halfway through.

However, Anand along with two Sherpas kept moving on and became the first human to step on that virgin mountain. As he had faith in the dream which he got at the hostel of the university and followed it Anand could achieve this success. Now he said that “Let it be a dream at night or during day, if one believes in it intently then it will definitely be fulfilled.”