New World Record

Announcement Date: 6 May 2012

On 29th April 2012, Anand was so sick with Typhoid and Hepatitis that he couldn’t even see, walk or talk.

On 3 rd May 2012- In spite of illness he started climbing to Everest Camp-2 (around 21000 feet).

On 6th May 2012- Facing the valleys and rivers of snow, the snow-storms and the freezing cold, Anand’s team was finally successful in climbing Camp-1 and Camp-2. On the Historical day of 6th May 2012 at the Everest Camp-2 (20,669 feet) Anand created a record by playing the Indian national anthem and some Hindi songs. This is a world record in the Limca book, Unique world record and India’s Book of record titled, “Playing Music on highest place on land”.