Lost Team mate

Announcement Date: 28 April 2012

On 8th April 2012 Anand climbed Mount Island in Nepal and played Indian National Anthem.

On 14 April 2012 – Reached Everest Basecamp

On 20 April 2012 – Team member and friend Ramesh Gulve fell down while climbing camp-1 and got paralyzed.

On 28Th April – Ramesh Gulve Died. In order to get acclimatized to the weather, the Sagaramatha Team first climbed Mt. Island situated at the height of 19000 feet. The Team then reached the Everest Base-Camp situated at a height of 17000 feet. However, during the first stage of climbing, the president of the Institute, Ramesh Gulawe got a paralysis attack. For treatment he was taken to Kathamandu and then to Pune, however, he was unable to survive. Though the Everest of sorrow fell on Anand and his Team they decided to move on ahead.