Funds for Everest

Announcement Date: 20 March 2012

Anand was still planning for Everest while on bed.

After returning to India, Anand fell seriously ill. He did not even have enough money for Everest – 2012. However, a certain company in Nepal came forward and helped relax the payment in which Anand had to pay ten lakhs before the expedition and ten lakhs after the expedition.

Finally his Guru Surendra Shelke told him that he could pay 10 lacks for Anand’s Everest Expedition.

– 20 March 2012 – Anand’s father mortgaged their house; mother and sisters sold all gold jewelry.  However, the amount of ten lakhs was also heavy for Anand. At last, his father pledged his own house. His mother and sister sold their gold. His brother-in-law borrowed money. Staking everything that his family had Anand, though sick, started for the expedition of Everest, risking his own life.

Finally on 23rd March 2012 Anand along with five people of ‘Sagaramatha Giryarohan Sanstha, Pune’ proceeded towards Mt. Everest.