Dejected from Basecamp

Announcement Date: 7 May 2012

On 7th May – Anand was so sick, everyone told him to return as he was too weak to climb Mount Everest.

On 8th May 2012-  He left base camp to go down. It was a very painful moment for him.

On 9th May 2012- He reached “Dingboche” village, sad, pained, lost confidence to do anything.

On 10/11 th May – At “Dingboche” he felt very dejected and that was the worst moment for him. He was unsuccessful in accomplishing his childhood dream, which he had been pursuing since his childhood. He thought of many things. He remembered the philosophy of several religions. Later he concentrated on his breathing. As he thought of the present he felt happy. Like Vippassana he concentrated on his breathing for the entire night. When he got up in the morning, in a surprising way he recovered from his illness. He recovered from his physical and mental dejection only because of the faith he had in his dream. He decided to climb towards the Base-Camp.